Educated in journalism, documentary and report-photography.
I have put my focus on the documentary and travel side of photography.

The Netherlands, Purmerend
(Amsterdam area).
Languages: Dutch and English.

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> Bredaphoto / BredaVandaag

> Local / regional newspapers

> Focus Photography magazine

> Kerkhof-Galerie en Beeldentuin Overweersepolderdijk
(Churchyard gallery and Statue garden Overweersepolderdijk)

> Tennis Centum Neckslag
(Tennis Centre Neckslag)

> Galerie OGV, Tsjechische Republiek (Gallery OGV, Czech Republic)

> Bibliotheek van Purmerend
(Library of Purmerend)

> Open dag Beemster (Open Day Beemster)

> Nationale Archieven dag ( Nationwide Archives day )

> Kunst en Crearoute Purmerend
(Art and Creative route Purmerend)

> Cultuurhuis Wherelant
(Art Centre Wherelant)

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